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Over the upcoming months, I'll be posting here to share a host of interior design related trends that I think are: 

1 - Here already but making a pervasive way into interiors and will be fairly commonplace and accessible within 5 years’ time. Just like what happened with the colour grey, Beni Ourain rugs, Edison lightbulbs, brass, the industrial style - there is only so much you can do with pipe! You get the gist... 

2 - Not particularly surprising, but also not the norm (i.e. suppliers have yet to receive many orders or requests depending on where you live in the world); and

3 - Surprising...that’s if you’re not already inundated with design forecasting to the point of seeing it all by now!

I’ve been constantly urged by friends, colleagues and my nearest and dearest to start a blog and state up and coming trends because I’ve been consistently prescient, especially when working on large-scale developments. I’ve specified finishes years ahead of what’s the norm. Even going so far as having manufacturers creating finishes for us because it hadn’t been in fashion for a long period of time or it never really has been (uh.... it’s just brass!). Lucky for us, I seem to have a knack for hitting the zeitgeist at just the right time.

I’m certainly not psychic, I just love what I do and am stimulated by all sorts of ideas from books, to movies, to music etc. All of what I love, I am inspired by and it’s fortunate for me that I don’t subscribe to a set of rules or a particular design aesthetic. My motto is to be sincere in creating what you love, and that influence will resonate. I am thrilled by the choices available in the world and am always looking to push boundaries and try something new that will challenge the status quo. For no other reason than it all becomes boring and that would just squander this wonderful opportunity of being able to create on a daily basis. With all of that said (Phew!), I suppose you can say these are trends, but I also feel it’s simply the natural evolution of design. Trends don’t last, but they will come back to haunt you! Just keep that in mind and remember to stuff that Mongolian Lambskin cushion into a hope chest for future generations to come instead of chucking out with the "what was I thinking?" rubbish

XX - Laura Marino
Creative Director/Co-Founder