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Image styled by Studio L, London. Rendered by Visualisation One.

Image styled by Studio L, London. Rendered by Visualisation One.

The New Year is nearly here and it’s time to look to 2019 and predict what the year ahead will hold for the interior world. Laura Marino is the founder of London based interior design studio, Studio L, London and she has recently made her key predictions we thought we’d share. We take a look at the 2019 interior trends Laura thinks will be the ones to watch next year and how she’s styled these trends in her recent projects…



This is the big one that Laura feels will run through every other trend she has predicted. Not just about being green and more conscious of your carbon footprint (although Laura thinks this is something the design industry should be improving on too), but designing organically with timelessness in mind when creating new spaces. We will move away from rigid trends which have a time limit and are stuck to a certain era, this way designs will become naturally sustainable and timeless.



Laura aims to observe the economic and political times of the moment when designing as she feels this reflects what people are feeling on a sub-conscious level in their homes. In this current time of unrest people are reacting to the tangible and are reaching for things to bring them comfort. Items with a sense of nostalgia, from a table made from hearty materiality which looks like it’s been in place for decades, to warm aged metals or even a throw that reminds you of your grandmother. These pieces that echo simpler days past resonate with authenticity and in turn, sustainability.


I styled this bedroom with a pared down but warm and soothing scheme. A wooden spindle bed is a neo-traditional focus with a rich
colour palette using traditional colours of ochre and navy with plum accents against a neutral backdrop.

An evolution of bohemian style which became shabby chic and has now morphed again, Neo-Traditional design is less referential and can be best described as traditional with embellishments. A mix of eras, it juxtaposes primitive elements with structural pieces. Think contemporary design with artisanal components like Italian Mid-Century Modern, understated luxury, decorative arts and architectural furniture forms.



Everyone wants to be unique don’t they? Whatever their age, people are paying more attention to curating their spaces with more unique and intriguing elements. Upping their knowledge of vintage and antique furniture and collecting pieces that resonate with them. This also comes back to the idea of sustainability and how people are no longer afraid to mix old and new. Colour is coming back again in a big way and to have character in the home is all about eclectic curation where the interior reflects the owner’s heart and soul rather than hard and fast trend rules.

In this room, I played with luxe textiles including the suede walls and the jewel tone colours that pop in harmony with the modern art which is the focal piece. It also has a mix of furniture styles that complement the overall design.



Upcycling furniture and accessories has now moved beyond the twee which is why Laura feels Etsy is so popular. There are so many dealers out there who at a click of a button can create beautiful, inventive and unexpected finishes in everything from furniture to upholstery. It’s far more green and not to mention cheaper to upcycle rather than throw away the old and buy again new which again fits in with the overarching sustainability trend and it’s something you can try your hand at yourself.

We reupholstered 50% of the vintage mid-century furniture in modern fabrics in this room but left the patina of time on the raw materials of the wood. We also purchased already refurbed vintage cage pieces, lighting and the coffee table.


For this bedroom I layered textures and colour from the ground up. Starting with plush bamboo carpet, paperweave wallpaper, french cane wooden bedsides and warm metals, I then added a sunny yellow bespoke velvet bed with tactile bedding which guests will love to unwind in and wake up in the morning!

Relieved that the luxury of the ‘00s which entailed copious use of taupe, bling, sleek gloss finishes and sharp lines are long gone, Laura sees ‘luxury’ going in a far more comfortable direction. As Coco Chanel once said ‘luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury’. Luxury now isn’t just for keeping up with the Joneses, it’s tactile and has a sophisticated humbleness about it. It should feel good to sit against and snuggle down on your comfortable furniture with a good book. It should also invite anyone that visits to get cosy too, it’s a feast for all the senses.

Studio L, London is currently masterminding the total interiors scheme for Westminster Fire Station, a new boutique development of 17 apartments in the heart of Victoria.

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